Hey Microsoft, Tweeting Jokes About Raises Is A Bad Idea

Microsoft should probably not make jokes about raises, especially when tweeted using male-gendered pronouns.

On Thursday, the company tweeted out an arguably funny joke, though in the context of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s advice to women about not asking for raises and his recently disclosed $84 million salary, it was entirely tasteless.

Nadella told attendees at a women in technology conference earlier this month that women should trust “karma,” rather than ask for raises, even if they think they deserve them. He later apologized for his remarks, but his comment underscores the lack of awareness some tech leaders have towards the experiences of women in the workplace.

The official Microsoft Developer account tweeted the joke (which has since been deleted), and people were quick to respond to the company. Two people specifically called out Nadella’s “karma,” advice.

.@msdev Why did the programmer quit her job?

Because she was tired of seeing her employer not acknowledge her existence.


— Drumpf's Tiny Hand (@randileeharper) October 23, 2014

@msdev or maybe because of systemically not getting promoted due to her gender, aka 'karma'?

— Leigh Honeywell (@hypatiadotca) October 23, 2014

And at least one person noticed the gendered pronoun.

@msdev Why did the programmer quit their job?

Because they didn't get arrays.#fixeditforyou #devlife

— Brenden Sparks (@brendensparks) October 23, 2014

REMINDER: Women are programmers, too.

Microsoft realized their mistake after people criticized the tactless joke. The account later issued an apology.

Our lighthearted (& bad) pun crossed into insensitive and unintended areas. Sincerest apologies.

— Microsoft Developer (@msdev) October 23, 2014

Update 2:45 p.m.: Microsoft deleted the tweet, and apologized.

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